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Fuchsia species I think are something that any Fuchsia enthusiast should at least try and gain an interest in.  Personally I have only dabbled in the species but am fast discovering they are worthwhile exploring.  Whilst you can go down to the garden centre and see Fuchsias or purchase them, you won't normally see species in many places unless you visit their natural environment or indeed grow them yourself having purchased them from a specialist nursery.<

I do not consider myself qualified to give advice on Fuchsia Species or how to grow them as I have only ever grown a few myself, but what I hope to do here is provide some pictures and links to some sources that will give insight into this fascinating world.

The great majority are native to South America, but with a few occurring north through Central America to Mexico, and also a few from New Zealand and I think only one from Tahiti.

What I have done on this page is show some photographs I've taken of species, and at the bottom give some links to resources where you can find more detail.


F. Boliviana Alba - Photograph taken in the Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanic Gardens


F. Paniculata - Photograph taken in the Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanic Gardens


F. Procumbens


F. Glazoviana


F. Encliandra - There are many hybrids of this species (This is Cherry Pop)


How Fuchsias might look in their natural habitat - F. hatschbachii and F. Paniculata

Photograph taken in the Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Some useful resources

Onagraceae - Fuchsia Species -
This is the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and offers descriptions of 125 species, a great reference site

Swedish Society - Species -
This site is well worth a visit. I'm not entirely sure if indeed this site is still being updated, but there is some excellent information and great selection of pictures

Jack and Joan Lamb -
This site isn't currently being updated as Jack is working with others towards a new site. Jack and Joan are holders of the National Collection

Fuchsia Species Conservation and Research -
(Facebook no login required)

Fuchsia Species Conservation and Research - BGCI -
Botanic Gardens Conservation International Entry

Clay Lane Nursery -
Clay Lane stock a great number of species and unusual cultivars

Some very rare documents

(Some of these files may be quite large and take time to download)

Revision of the Genus Fuchsia - PHILIP A. MUNZ Professor of Botany, Pomona College - 1943 ( Size 9.67Mb )
Creative Commons license - attribution detail click here

This book is very rare nowadays and is still relevant today for anyone wishing to learn more of the species.  It is the only comprehensive work on fuchsia species.  Since then, there have been a number of works devoted to individual sections of the genus. Breedlove (1969) dealt with the section Encliandra containing dioecious and gynodioecious examples.  Berry (1982) took on the largest section, Fuchsia.  The same author also described the apetalous section Hemsleyella (Berry, 1985) and the section Quelusia (Berry, 1989). This book is referred to by Leo B. Boullemier in his book The Checklist of Species, Hybrids and Cultivars of the Genus Fuchsia as the main reference point for species.

How the Fuchsia Species Evolved

This shockwave flash is provided by the University of Wisconsin as part of their Connecting Concepts: Interactive lessons in Biology programme.   These Lessons were designed to unify the learning experiences of students across multiple sections in Biology and to increase opportunities for student self-assessment.   We have included this particular one here as an extremely informative way of providing the background to the evolution of the Fuchsia.

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