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Which is the Best?

What Fuchsias do you think have the x-factor.  Do your Fuchsias have the X - Factor?  There are literally thousands of Fuchsia cultivars grown today all crossed and double crossed (x-factor) to produce the most appealing, floriferous, vigorous, compact, upright or trailing cultivars that we will want to grow.  Here we are compiling a list based on your votes of what you think are the top cultivars

These are the results last updated 11th Sep 2010 :-

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We invite anyone who grows Fuchsias to select in their opinion the top ten fuchsias to grow.  It's not as easy as you might think.

Some of the considerations might be, Beauty of Flower Colour, Appealing Flower Shape, Habit of Growth, Amount of Flowers, Foliage, Ease of Growth.   They can be new or old cultivars, Hardy, Exhibition, Triphylla, Upright or Trailing the choice is yours.

If you'd like to submit your nominations, just drop an email to with your ten selections along with your country and name, we'll get it entered as quickly as possible.

For example :- 'Country: UK, Name: Robert Fulton, Selection: Rose of Castile, Hidcote Beauty, Garden News, Trudy, Doreen Redfern, President Margaret Slater, Marcus Graham, Waltz Jubilteen, Tom Thumb, Shelford' would be my selection.

Below are submissions from other contributers